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  •  Fazal Karim BA (Hons) - Principal
  •  Andy Hollas BA (Hons) - Consultant Solicitor
  •  Arshad Ali BA (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor
  •  Yasmin Hussain LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor
  •  Shah Suhail Ahmed LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor


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At the Police Station

Whether you are arrested or asked to attend a voluntary interview, we are available to attend immediately 24/7.  All advise at the police station is free.

We offer the best advice and representation if you are to be interviewed at a police station. If you are suspected of committing a criminal offence, the police may arrest you or ask you to attend for a voluntary interview under caution.

Contact our police station advice team on 01132491662 or 07977457684 (out of hours).

We will attend at the police station and represent you during your interview.  If you are aware in advance that the police want to speak to you we can often negotiate your surrender for questioning, which may then avoid arrest.  This would mean that your fingerprints and DNA will not be taken.


If you are arrested, you should immediately seek legal advice. You should request Karim & Co solicitors by name at the police station and the police must notify us. A family member or friend can also contact us. It is crucial that you get Police Station Advice at this early stage.

Interview under Caution

The police may ask you to be interviewed voluntarily. This can take place at the police station, at the roadside or at your home address. If you are to be interviewed under caution then you are entitled to FREE legal advice and representation. We can attend to provide Police Station Advice 24 hours a day and at short notice

The firm, led by Fazal Karim, is committed to providing high quality public funded work as well  as specialised private client expertise.

At Magistrates Court

Our solicitors are specialists in Criminal  Law, road traffice and motoring offences.  Although we are based in  Leeds, we offer representation  throughout  Yorkshire and the North.  Our  solicitors have many years experience  and represent defendants across  the full range of  criminal offences.

All criminal  proceedings will start   at the Magistrates Court.  The majority of cases  will  continue to be heard at the magistrates court,  however some cases will  ber committed to the Crown Court  because the allegations are so serious that   it can only be heard there or the court or even you decide that the Crown Court should hear the case.

Our expert solicitors will guide you through the process provideing the best quality adivce and representation. Whether you need representation for a trial, guilty plea or advice on what to do.

We can provide advise on eligibility to  and applying for legal aid funding.

At the Crown Court

Representation at Crown court by an excellent team.  We represent clients throughout the country.

Our solicitors represent defendants across the full range of criminal offences including murder, rape, sexual offences, extensive drug importations and supply, violent crime, white-collar crime and regulatory offences.

If you face serious criminal charges, you need our expert high quality representation. A team of specialists will ensure proper preparation of your case – winning is often in the attention to detail.

Your case may be heard in the Crown court if it is so serious it can only be heard there, or the offence is of a type where the defendant is given a choice about where he wishes to be tried. In the Crown court, a trial takes place before a judge and jury.

We will instruct a suitable barrister to advocate at the Crown Court and with the help of a barrister, your legal team have an excellent track record of successfully defending people in the Crown court., Appeal court and High court.

Legal Aid Representation

If you have been arrested or charged with an offence, we can help. Karim & Co solicitors represent clients both on a legal aid basis and also for privately funded work, in situations where legal aid is not available.

Legal aid at the Police Station

In England and Wales, when a person is arrestedcontact us they are always entitled to free legal advice at the police station. This free legal advice is available to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Karim & Co solicitors are available 24 hours a day on 0113 249 1662. Please make a note of this number.

Out of office hours you can also call us on 07977457684.

Legal aid for representation at Court

Everyone has the right to a fair trial. You should always get professional legal advice from a solicitor if you have been charged with a crime.

A solicitor will help to prepare your case and will represent you in Court when you’re charged with a crime.

Legal aid for representation at court is based on a two stage assessment. Karim & Co will assess your circumstances and tell you whether you are entitled to legal aid for representation at Court.

You may be able to get legal aid to pay the solicitors’ or barristers’ costs if:

  • Your case meets the Interests of Justice test. You are likely to pass this test if you could:
  • Go to prison
  • Lose your job
  • Have your reputation damaged
  • Find it difficult to follow court proceedings because of language difficulties or mental illness
  • You pass a ‘means test’ which looks at your financial situation
  • If you do not qualify for legal aid
  • For some cases you may not qualify for legal aid funding. In these cases Karim & Co solicitors can advise of the likely cost of representation at Court.

It is important that you have effective representation during a court case.

We will always keep you updated of how much the case will cost as it progresses.