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  •  Fazal Karim BA (Hons) - Principal
  •  Andy Hollas BA (Hons) - Consultant Solicitor
  •  Arshad Ali BA (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor
  •  Yasmin Hussain LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor
  •  Shah Suhail Ahmed LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor


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Motoring and Driving Offences

At Karim & Co Solicitors, we understand how important the ability to drive is to you.  Therefore we will use all of our experience and abilities to protect and conserve your driving licence.

From speeding offences and drink driving, failing to furnish and driving with no insurance; we have successfully defended them all.

The expertise that our Solicitors use on a daily basis gives you the best possible chance of keeping your licence.   We will endevour to prevent points being put on your driving licence, and keeping you on the road.

For a free consultation about a motoring or speeding offence, call to make an appointment on 01132491662 or contact us online at Unfortunately we are not able to provide legal aid funding on these cases.

Motoring offences are a common occurrence and a particular hazard for business people on the move, our expert motoring solicitors represent clients nationwide and have an excellent track record in helping people retain their driving licence. Even in cases where a disqualification is mandatory, reducing the length of time spent disqualified can get people back working several months earlier than they would otherwise.

Our experienced team of solicitors are able to provide legal advice and representation in respect of any motoring offence including:

  • 12 points - totting up
  • Road Rage incidents
  • No Driving licence and/or no insurance
  • Drink or Drug Driving
  • Driving whilst unfit
  • Using Mobile phone
  • Speeding offences
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Failure to provide information
  • Failure to produce documents
  • Failure to provide specimin

The firm, led by Fazal Karim, is committed to providing high quality public funded work as well  as specialised private client expertise.

Sometimes a motoring offence may be minor; other times it could be far more serious with potentially devastating consequences. If you have received a notice of intended prosecution or have been contacted by the police we can advise you on the best course of action to take. It is always best to contact us early as some options, such as driver awareness courses, are not available once a court date has been set. If you have been summonsed to court our solicitors can provide you with information on the likely outcome of your case and, if necessary, defend you in court, especially if you face a driving ban / disqualification.

For free initial advice from our specialist motoring offence team please call  01132491662.

Shah Suhail Ahmed - Solicitor

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