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  •  Fazal Karim BA (Hons) - Principal
  •  Andrew (Andy) Hollas BA (Hons) - Consultant Solicitor
  • Shah Suhail Ahmed LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor


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Document Certifcation /  Attesting


If you have documents that need certifying or attesting by a solicitor/commissioner for oaths, set up an appointment with us.

You can contact us using the Contact Form below to set up an appointment. You don't have to be a client of ours to get your documents certified. Anyone can get documents certified from Karim & Co  Solicitors.

You can get all these documents certified by our solicitor:

  • Passport Copies
  • Photocard driving licenses
  • ID1 Forms (and other Land registry forms)
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Sponsorship Declarations
  • Letters from a government department
  • Gas, electricity or council tax bills
  • Letters from a hospital/doctor
  • Certificates of academic qualifications

Oaths & Certifying Documents


We act as Commissioners of Oaths in witnessing statutory declarations, oaths or affidavits.


We also provide certified copies of documents by certifying that the original documents are true copies of the originals.


We can prepare statutory declarations to legalise issues that require a declaration to be made.


We also prepare change of name deeds if you would like your name changed or wish to regularise your name where there has been a discrepancy on your passport or birth certificate.


We can normally provide these services without appointment and you are welcome to attend our offices at your convenience, however it is advisable to phone in advance to arrange a suitable time.


How do I certify or swear a document?


This is a question we often field on the telephone from individuals calling up for the first time.


Legal documents sometimes need a little more input than others. Karim & Co can assist with Swearing Oaths, taking Statutory Declarations, Certifying copies of documents and other such tasks.


Swearing an Oath, requires an individual to swear the truth of the statements made by them in an Affidavit. An Affidavit is simply the legal name for a sworn statement. The need for an Oath to be Sworn arises in Probate matters with the Oath of Executors. Civil and Family statements also may need Swearing to transform them into Affidavits.

The Swearing of the document effectively gives it greater weight in Court, as if the statements had been read aloud on oath. The Swearing can be done on the appropriate holy book or can be affirmed without. An Oath cannot be taken by a Solicitor who has helped you prepare the document.


Statutory Declarations, often relate to property documents, for Landlords for example. These simply record the declaration of the truth of the statements and details contained in the document.


Certified copies of documents essentially substitute the original. Sometimes when dealing with a Solicitor on the other side of the Country, or a public body, you need to confirm your identity but do not want or need to send your passport driving licence and bank statements in the post. Copies can be taken that are then certified by a Solicitor as true copies of the originals. These can then be accepted as if the recipient had seen the originals themselves.


The cost of Swearing and Oath or completing a Statutory Declaration or obtaining Certified copies is set by the Law Society and is small. The process is not frightening, embarrassing or time consuming. It is informal, quick and painless.

The Solicitors at Karim & Co are happy to see you at the drop of a hat to assist with such matters. The task usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

Feel free to telephone us on 07725814027 to arrange an appointment or use the 'Contact Form' to send your request.

Due to Covid19 restrictions and managing office capacity, we only provide the signing/witnessing service between 11am - 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays during our legal advice session.

Send your request using the Contact Form so that we can book an appoointment.

The firm, led by Fazal Karim, is committed to providing high quality public funded work as well  as specialised private client expertise.

Document Inspection Reports for Visas and Immigration:


As you will know, most embassies and high commissions now require Property Inspection Reports with all applications. This underlines the importance of having an appropriate report prepared.


After a very successful response, high demand and a 100% record of Immigration inspections for UK entry clearance reports being accepted by the British High Commission and the UK Home Office, we have expanded our catchment area to cover the West Yorkshire area.


Our mature and professional in-house team can co-ordinate all activities with the client in producing quality reports. The service we offer includes:


·         Full internal dimensions and details of the property.

·         Full colour photos.

·         A Property summary.

·         A Quality finished report.

·         Inspections booked within 24 hours of notification.

·         Confidentiality at all times.

·         Reports that can be produced within 24 hours of inspection.

·         Experience and understanding of ethnic minorities.

·         Emergency reports.


We operate a flexible working structure so all reports can be tailored to suit the client’s needs for either visit visas or for permanent settlement. For this service we charge a fixed fee of £130, payable by the client upon the initial visit. Additional charges can apply subject to location.


We would request you keep our details on file. For any further information or to book a property inspection report please call us on 07725814027.


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